Adobe Max Conference, Los Angeles

A look inside the creative industry’s biggest weekend.

A photo of the los angeles memorial coliseum for the Adobe Max Conference

The Anticipation Builds!

Our John was lucky enough to attend the Adobe Max Conference in Los Angeles, CA. If this is the first you’ve heard of the conference, you probably are not living in the Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite like our team does! So, here’s some highlights from John’s trip…

Tons of Amazing Interviews

John caught interviews by Ron Howard, Questlove, and others that shared their creative processes. John shared, “from script to final product, Ron Howard shared how his early experiences in childhood acting has a large impact on his present day directing. My favorite experiences were these interviews that gave an inside look into how creatives at the top of their game think through situations.”

A photo of a wall that was painted dream bigger

Where the Creative Thought Leadership is Headed

As John tooled around the conference, he told us stories about where the industry is headed, “Anything goes… The conference had an obvious throwback look and feel with tons of inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s, but they used a lot of modern esthetics. The Adobe creative team pulled in audio tracks that made you feel like you were in a boutique hotel lobby, with a lot of neon and modern Egyptian visual elements and styles. Our little marketing agency loves anything throwback, so we really loved the theme this year.

“What is Your Team Working On?”

John was rubbing shoulders with people from all over the world. He met some guys that work on the UX and banners from Amazon Prime Video as well as creatives from small boutique firms. John was there to learn about all the upcoming features for Adobe’s video apps like After Effects, Premiere, and XD. Check out the DSLR rail setup. Adobe was taking a sequential shot of people jumping with balls thrown and put into an animated .gif. The line was over 30 minutes, so he moved on…

Visual Elements Galore

John’s second favorite activity was the cocktail parties where he met folks from all over and really let his hair down. This next set of photos showed off some installations and shots from one of the vendor areas where companies were printing posters on the spot and screen printing shirts.


Checkout the 90’s imagery for the sneak peak demonstrations. John was excited for the new video masking features, “Being able to mask in almost realtime will allow us to create visual elements behind videos of people doing a variety of movements. It will allow us to tell stories that take us the better part of a day in a few minutes… a real game changer.”

The Big Takeaways

What a week! The real takeaway from traveling to Los Angeles and attending Adobe Max is the creative refresh! “We work so hard and get stuck into certain visual styles. I got to see art that took teams the better part of a year to pull off. I experienced some of the best installations that mixed live video, illustration, animation, sound design with visual installations. This conference really got me to think bigger in terms of what makes something truly special. I am excited to weave in this experience into our [Lakeside] client projects”