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Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center

Animated Videos for the Healthcare Market


We specialize in animated videos for the healthcare market, so when we received a call from Josiah Bartz, the product development lead, we were overjoyed. Josiah asked us to work on an animated video that over the next year and a half turned into a series that would be featured in doctor offices all over the country. The Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center is based in Barrington, IL and has the mission to creating educational programs and materials for Functional Medicine Practitioners. They primarily support practitioners involved with The Institute for Functional Medicine and Orthomolecular Products Company. We also did an overview video for the center that consisted into multiple locations and days with difficult shooting conditions.


As with most projects that we take-on, time was the single biggest issue was time limitations for four to six and half minute animated videos.

As time limitations go, we would have to rush to make characters that fit into cohesive brand strategy.

Finally, our team was given little to no feedback on open rates, video completion statistics, purchase rates, etc. This made it hard to improve going from one video to the next.

Selected images for animated video in the healthcare space.


For the animated series, we provided a loose script based on meetings with brand teams. Once the script was in a good place, we passed it to their copywriter.  We then story boarded it up in illustrator and then popped it into PowerPoint with the script sections to provide our voice talent context and recorded the audio. We then sent the voice over to the team for approval and at the same time worked on the illustrating for the animations. We then stitched the different sequences together and then choose music that fir the mood and intention.

We started the live video with a series of meetings to hone a loose story board. We then filmed a series of interviews with their educators and practitioners in the field. Finally we reshot sections and added b-roll that we shot during the shoots. We pieced together the video from the sequences and added music to suit.


We completed the videos on time with limited resources from the contracting firm. We enjoyed working with Josiah and his team that continue to feature and sell the videos to this day.

We completed the following videos:

  • Immune Foundations Patient Education Video
  • Pillars of GI Health Patient Education Video
  • Musculoskeletal Solutions Patient Education Video
  • Cardiometabolic Vitals Patient Education Video
  • Discover the Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center Video

If you have an animated video for healthcare that you would like to talk about, contact us. Let’s bring your idea to life!