Integrify Case Study

We used our approach to brand development to redefine the visual language of Integriy’s communications and create more impactful and lasting impressions on their audience


We start most projects with our branding services. Integrify is a robust and powerful Business Process Management software used by enterprise companies nationwide.¬†Integrify needed a fresh look to help the brand becomes more accessible and approachable. We were excited to help bring out the beauty of this complex software and help expand the brands growth potential. Let’s breakdown how we helped them.


The value offered by Integrify’s powerful BPM solution was hidden under the layers of complexity. The challenge was to take rather complex concepts and present them in a way that made Integrify’s product immediately valuable to the right viewer.


We took what we learn from meetings and research and decided to begin with some design exploration. We used a tactical approach to funnel a few options to help understand the appropriate direction needed to move forward


We had to walk a fine line to hit our creative target. To achieve this outcome we utilized a creative approach that incorporated live footage along with animated data points that “fit into the scene”. Paired with a compelling script and strong Voice Actor In order to hit our goals and drive engagement Our creative execution used high quality stock footage, a Voice Over actor and data animations to convey the message.

An illustration produced by Matt Mallory for Lakeside Marketing Agency part of an animated video serviceAn illustration for Integrify that was produced by Matt Mallory of Lakeside Marketing