[Case Study]

Using an Event Series to Bolster Sales

Sequentially increasing attendance, one event at a time.


Event marketing is a huge part of Lakeside Marketing’s business. For Midwest Nutritional Service, they needed a boost in attendance, so they contracted a massive educational series using a smart strategic plan. Midwest Nutritional Service was an independent representative for a professional market supplement and herbal manufacturer before they were bought out. They extensively used our web, design, and event planning services for consistent and repeatable growth.


In the professional healthcare education space, it is increasingly difficult to grow live event attendance. There is a lot of competition from virtual events, professional associations, and competitors.

To make matters even more difficult, they lost their Event Coordinator, Vicki, weeks before the series began. Out team would have to rely 100% on automation and cloud-based software while increasing the number of events 3-fold.

An image of an icon used for a event marketing project


We took a collection of seemingly unrelated events and created a series complete with art direction, maps, landing pages, and integration with Eventbrite in order to catapult attendance far higher than they expected.


We started the process working with their team to solidify the schedule, venues, and speakers. We then illustrated a map of Chicago using a unified art direction and color palette. We then broken each event into its own miniature thumbnail graphic to use on the event landing page. We developed a handout for the sales reps to use in the field.

We made individual Eventbrite pages to use for signups. Then, we worked with the sales reps on how Eventbrite worked, how to issue refunds, and how to signup doctors in the field.

Then, we created a Mailchimp email campaign to introduce the series with individual emails timed for the largest signups. Automated thank you emails were sent out after each event. Special attention was given to make sure that all the information was collected to make submission for professional credit hours as easy as possible.


Attendance went through the roof. The series was so successful that we had to limit the tickets available and create hidden ticket types in order for the sales reps to be able to invite their highest producing offices. The automation was essential to fill in the administrative gaps created by their event coordinators absence. The technology stack was so successful, that they never hired a replacement. They had the largest attendance for paid events in a long time. It was an excellence send-off for a sales team that was sold off that following year.

An image of an illustrated poster used to promote a series of events.