Logiwa Case Study

Rebranding a powerful and emerging Warehouse Management Software solution to position Logiwa for growth.


Logiwa approached us for branding services to redo their visual identity and corporate brand to reflect the powerful and innovative Warehouse Management software solution they offer their large customer base. We worked with them to create a new and exciting visual identity that captured the spirit of this fast growing software provider.


Logiwa offers a wide range of powerful solutions designed for warehouse and logistics management, however their brand positioning did not reflect the innovative and industry leading reputation they had built within the industry. They wanted a new brand identity that matched their capabilities and position in the marketplace. We were happy to take on the challenge.


We started as we do with all of our rebranding projects, with extensive research into the company and their competitors. We also had key stake holders provide insights into goals, expectations and direction via a detailed project questionnaire they filled out. From there we devised a strategy based on an iterative design approach.


We cycled through a few rounds of design iterations based on the feedback provided by the client until we arrived with on the new Logiwa identity. Our clients were extremely excited to launch their new look and feel.