[Case Study]

The Cellcontrol Platform

Bringing awareness to distracted driving.


We were approached by Cellcontrol, an award-winning platform designed to eliminate distracted driving, to produce a video to bring awareness to their emerging technology. We used our skills to bring their message of “It Only Takes One” to produce a compelling video to drive customer awareness across focused LinkedIn campaigns. Let’s see how our video production services helped this company in the transportation industry.


Cellcontrol needed to get the message out about the dangers distracted driving caused businesses. While the target audience understood the risks posed by mobile device usage in the workplace, it did not understand the urgency. The message needed to have a sense of concreteness to cut through, it couldn’t sound like just another pitch to push another another “necessary” piece of software.


We understood through conversations with Cellcontrol, along with analysis of customer personas, that the popular animated explainer video would not be appropriate in this context due to the serious nature of the subject matter. However it was also critical to not be too dire and come across as preachers of doom.


We had to walk a fine line to hit our creative target. To achieve this outcome we utilized a creative approach that incorporated live footage along with animated data points that “fit into the scene”. Paired with a compelling script and strong Voice Actor In order to hit our goals and drive engagement Our creative execution used high quality stock footage, a Voice Over actor and data animations to convey the message.

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