Lakeside Marketing delivers a range of eCommerce marketing, development, and support services to practitioners nationwide.

Learning from Collective Experiences

Our community thrives on the collective exchange of valuable information, spanning from fraud prevention to best practices in patient education, supplement efficacy, and business operations. This reservoir of shared wisdom not only mitigates risks but significantly enhances the quality of service across our network, providing a competitive advantage that sets our practices apart.

Let’s review how networks provide real-world advantages:

  • Best Practices – We thrive on the exchange of valuable information, including data on fraud prevention and best practices in patient care, supplement efficacy, and business operations with our network of practitioners. This shared wisdom not only reduces risks but also elevates the quality of service across the properties, giving clients a competitive edge.
  • Leveraging Content Marketing Economies of Scale – Imagine having the resources to craft and execute marketing campaigns that resonate and engage, without shouldering the burden alone. With collective resources, we can create high-quality content and execute marketing campaigns that individual practitioners will find too expensive. This collaboration leads to a stronger online presence and more effective marketing strategies, benefiting all participants.
  • Learning from Successes and Failures – Sharing insights about what works and what doesn’t in marketing campaigns and business operating procedures enables us to make better decisions, thereby reducing resource waste and enhancing success rates. We iterate on success and quickly cut failures so that everyone can learn at incredible speeds.
  • Technological Advancements and Integration – In our ecosystem, technology is a bridge to the future of healthcare. We harness advanced eCommerce technologies, enhancing patient communication and streamlining operations, setting the stage for a modern, efficient practice. We are continuously testing different technologies for reviews, fraud protection, educational campaigns, customer education journeys and social strategies to solve unique challenges to Natural Healthcare Practitioners running eCommerce operations.

Our Purpose

Our community thrives on the collective exchange of valuable information, spanning from fraud prevention to best practices in patient education, supplement efficacy, and business operations. This reservoir of shared wisdom not only mitigates risks but significantly enhances the quality of service across our ecosystem, providing a competitive advantage that sets our practices apart.

Growing Supplement Sales and Patient Visits

Trust is a critical component of business growth. Being part of a respected network increases your visibility and credibility, leading to more organic walk-ins and referrals. Online patients are more likely to choose practitioners within a trusted network, knowing they adhere to high standards of care and ethics.

How we build trust within our ecosystem:

  • Enhanced Reputation – Being part of a recognized network elevates your reputation, aligning you with top-tier professionals committed to excellence in natural healthcare. We lead with education, empowering clients through knowledge, and excel in customer service, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and supportive. Our actions are driven by value, fulfilling promises with integrity and exceeding client expectations. This approach not only attracts discerning clients but also establishes our ecosystem as a beacon of trust and quality in the healthcare community.
  • Stronger Supplement Manufacturer and At-Home Testing Relationships – Collaboration extends to our relationships with manufacturers, ensuring that our practitioners get access to pilot programs with like-minded brands. These strong relationships also mean better support and service from supplement and lab companies. We continuously work with legal and fraud teams to ensure we are working on improving our ability to thwart fraud-networks and scam artists.
  • Peer-Reviewed Educational Campaigns and Continuous Feedback – We thrive on continuous improvement, with peer-reviewed campaigns ensuring that marketing efforts are effective and resonate with the target audience. A continuous feedback loop with our practitioners promote constant learning and adaptation, keeping the ecosystem dynamic and responsive to market changes.

At Lakeside, working with practitioners comes naturally. We are seasoned professionals that have worn many hats in the Natural Healthcare Industry, including Supplement Manufacturing Reps, active Practitioners and Experts in SAAS.

Mission-Driven Success

Our overarching goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health. When you become a client of Lakeside, you become part of a larger movement aimed at providing superior natural healthcare and competing effectively with other larger networks.

Let’s take advantage of a unique opportunity to enhance your practice through collective strength, shared resources, and a unified mission. Together, we can better educate our network of customers that not only grows your businesses but also fundamentally improves the health and well-being of our communities.

Join us towards our mission, check out our service offerings and let’s build a brighter future together.

Let’s Build a Stronger Healthcare Ecosystem Together

At Lakeside Marketing, we specialize in bridging the gap between these e-commerce solutions and the unique needs of healthcare practitioners. Our services are designed to optimize your online presence, regardless of the platform you choose. Here’s how we can help:

Tailored Email and Social Marketing

Our targeted email marketing campaigns and social media strategies are crafted to engage your patient base and build lasting relationships. By leveraging the strengths of your chosen e-commerce platform, we help you deliver valuable content, promote your services, and stay connected with your community.

Seamless Integration and Support

We understand the challenges of navigating taxes, nexus laws, and the myriad details of online retail. Our team provides the support you need to manage these complexities, ensuring your online clinic operates smoothly and efficiently.

Brand Building and Online Presence

Whether you’re starting with a templated Insite website or venturing into a customized Shopify solution, Lakeside Marketing is here to help you build your brand and grow your online presence. From content creation to digital advertising, we offer a range of services tailored to the needs of healthcare practitioners.

In an industry where the personal touch matters, let us help you extend that touch to your online presence. Together, we’ll ensure your e-commerce solution not only meets today’s needs but paves the way for tomorrow’s success. Join forces with us, and transform your online approach to better serve your patients and grow your practice in the digital age. Reach out to us, and we will arrange a 20-minute consultation to gain a deeper understanding of your practice’s goals and objectives.

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