Scaling Independent Sales Groups with Marketing Systems

Scaling Independent Sales Groups with Marketing Systems


Standard Process of Iowa and Missouri, Illinois Nutrition Consultants


Professional Supplement Sales


Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Event Marketing


Case Study

Illinois Nutrition Consultants and Standard Process of Iowa and Missouri are two independent sales organizations. They provide educational consultation and opportunities to healthcare practitioners in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri using two lines of dietary nutrient product lines.

Strengthening practitioner relationships while focusing on new growth

Illinois Nutrition Consultants and Standard Process of Iowa and Missouri pride themselves with a deep understanding of Standard Process and MediHerb products including ingredients and clinical use-cases, helping practitioners solve complex health issues for patients. They focus on growth clinic sales growth and helping create additional revenue on top of healthcare services.


Event Mailer and screenshot of Eventbrite Ticketing Page produced for two independent sales organizations. Image Credit: Lakeside Marketing.

“Lakeside has an excellent track-record of effective sales campaigns and growth. With Lakeside, my group become the highest growing territory in the country in 2022!”

“Lakeside has an excellent track-record of effective sales campaigns and growth. With Lakeside, my group become the highest growing territory in the country in 2022!”

Jeff West, Independent Account Representative, Illinois Nutrition Consultants.

Challenges of managing a sales team

In the world of professional supplements, (i.e. supplements sold through licensed healthcare practitioners) challenges abound.

Not only is the supplement market that targets healthcare practices highly competitive, so are the geographic sales territories. Each territory manager is vying for the top spots in sales growth and new product penetration against their colleagues for bonuses and company awards. They must grow sales by staying compliant and not making unfounded claims about the dietary supplements they represent.

Dwindling attendance to accredited seminars and workshops, increased competition to clinics/practitioners selling dietary supplements and difficulty getting time with practitioners. The lack of sales representatives office time created roadblocks to growth that needed to be addressed.

There was also a lack of white-labeled (No branding) marketing campaigns made for practitioners recommending the products that they sold. This led to sales and field representatives creating their own inconsistent and poorly designed digital and printed materials, keeping themselves out of the field interacting with accounts. A real catch-twenty-two.

The sales territories were introduced to Lakeside from a previous Sales Group that managed Wisconsin and the Metro Chicagoland Area.

Selected pieces from a Seasonal Allergy Campaign that improved with each yearly iteration used in both B to B and B to C applications.

Marketing Solutions

Regular email campaigns were developed with the sales representatives to build touch-points with practitioners. This included both automated, seasonal and event emails.

Regular white-labeled business to consumer marketing campaigns that included social, print and email content were developed with the sales teams. These helped practitioners educate their patients using compliant (and safe to use) materials that helped build trust. Many campaigns were seasonal and evergreen.

Regular bi-weekly meetings were used to keep the sales groups on point with updates to campaigns and upcoming email communications. New growth opportunities were discussed and evaluated. Brainstorm sessions and deciding what new projects to implement.


Selected assets from a pain and inflammation education campaign and collaboration with Dr. Bill Hemmer..

Rapid Results

Both territories traded #1 position for goal attainment between 2020 and 2022. Much higher than competition (38 sales territories throughout the United States) by end of 2022!

Bonus payouts were issued to Lakeside based on the incredible success of the sales programs.


2022 position in sales ranking


sales growth by end of 2022


If you’ve been in sales for a while, you know the challenges of securing appointments, increasing sales growth and sending regular on-point communication can seem monumental.

Creating content and sales collateral can keep your sales team into the field, where they are supposed to be.
High-growth sales teams use marketing services to free up their office support staff and field representatives so they can focus on gathering information, creating relationships and offering amazing customer service.

If you have a highly functioning sales team that wants to push growth, then give us a call to discuss.

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