Landscaping Company Sees Huge Returns with Strategic Marketing from Lakeside

Landscaping Company Sees Huge Returns with Strategic Marketing from Lakeside


Ringers Landscaping


Commercial Landscaping


Branding, Paid Media, Content Development


Case Study

Ringers was a local Landscape business started by a father and son mowing neighborhood lawns and had grown to locally recognized landscape design and maintenance company. They were looking to take the next step and wanted to kickstart an aggressive marketing strategy to capitalize on their success.

The Challenge

Ringers Landscaping, known for their quality work, was looking to enhance their brand and market presence. With an aim to establish firm branding guidelines for a unified identity, create a strategic content marketing plan for increased engagement, and use paid search for generating immediate leads, they chose Lakeside Marketing to stand out in the competitive landscape while ensuring a steady stream of business opportunities.

  • Need for a visual identity system to maximize brand awareness and create an efficient content creation framework
  • Need for on-demand leads
  • Content marketing strategy to increase organic leads and conversion rates

The Solution

Our team of talented designers diligently revamped Ringers’ visual branding, creating a sleeker aesthetic to boost brand recognition. Lakeside then collaborated with Ringers to devise a content marketing strategy, finely tuned to their season-specific services. This was supplemented with a precision-targeted advertising campaign, designed to attract and convert high-quality, ready-to-act leads.

  • Develop Brand Guidelines to promote brand awareness
  • Strategic Content Marketing Plan for organic leads
  • On-Demand Lead Generation with highly targeted Paid Ads
  • Landing Page Optimization to increase conversion rates

“Lakeside is a crucial partner in our success and can drive qualified leads on-demand which is invaluable to our business.”

“Lakeside is a crucial partner in our success and can drive qualified leads on-demand which is invaluable to our business.”

Russ Scott
Partner – Ringers Landscaping

The Results

A strategic marketing approach, tailored specifically to our client’s unique business needs and market, has reached a wider audience and increased conversion rates. We’ve been able to convert more prospects into paying customers, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns.

  • Consistent year-over-year sales growth
  • Increased conversion rates
  • On-demand qualified leads for seasonal service offerings
  • Increase in organic leads

We’ve effectively leveraged the power of seasonality, delivering on-demand qualified leads for our client’s seasonal service offerings. Our strategic planning and execution have allowed our client to maximize their revenue during peak periods. Additionally, our robust SEO strategies have significantly boosted the client’s online visibility, leading to a substantial increase in organic leads. This increase in organic traffic has not only expanded their customer base but also contributed to their overall business growth, further emphasizing the effectiveness and success of our partnership.

Recognizing the power of authentic customer testimonials, we have implemented a strategic system to encourage and manage customer reviews. By fostering an environment where customers feel comfortable sharing their experiences, we’ve been able to gather and promote genuine feedback. This approach not only enhances transparency but also contributes to improved online reputation management.


Increase in qualified leads Year Over Year (YOY)


In sales growth since working with Lakeside

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